Jones Act lawyer

Maritime Injury Lawyers, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa

We have maritime injury lawyers who represent injured passengers and crew all across Florida. These maritime cases include: Maritime personal injury, maritime and admiralty, cruise ship accidents, longshore injury, Jones Act, injured seamen, tug and barge injury, Crane injury, drench injury, injured fishermen, injured divers, wrongful death and catastrophic injuries at sea. Many of our cases include spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury as seamen have a very dangerous job, Our maritime, admiralty lawyers will stand up for your rights as a seamen or cruise ship passenger and make sure get you the just compensation you need and deserve.

Personal injury and maritime attorneys are located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, The Florida Keys, Tampa, Jacksonville, Panama City, Pensacola, Cape Canaveral, Fort Myers, Orlando, and throughout Florida.