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We have experience lawyers for you if a loved one was hit by a drunk driver, disabled or injured in a drunk driver accident, or by a drunk driver.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Fort Lauderdale Drunk Driver Lawyer?

A car or truck accident involving a drunk driver is different from other accidents because drunk driving is against the law and because the accident was preventable. Sometimes other accidents can t be helped, but a drunk driver accident or a drunk driver death could have been prevented if the driver was not drunk. It is devastating to have a son, daughter or family member severly injured or killed by a drunk driver or in the vehicle of a someone driving under the influence. Many young lives are lost thei way.

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Being the victim of a drunk driving accident can be devastating.

Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

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If you or someone you love have been injured or killed in a Florida drunk driver accident call our Drunk Driver Accident Helpline. Find out about how to recover monies for injuries, property damage, missed work, medical bills, brain injury, disability, or the death of a family member. Our Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa drunk driver accident lawyers will answer your questions and hold your hand thru this highly emotional time and complicated legal process. Protect your rights. Call our Drunk Driver Accident Helpline today.

Often after an accident, insurance adjusters or attorneys representing the other party may start calling you to try to get you to waive (give up) your rights or make a settlement. Please keep in mind that they do NOT have your best interests at heart. Therefore, it is very important in the event of a drunk driver accident that your interests are represented and your rights are protected. If you or a loved one was injured or a family member was killed in a Missouri drunk driver accident, we hope you will talk to a drunk driver accident lawyer before you talk to any representative from the other party s insurance company and before you sign or agree to anything!