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Personal injury lawyers attempt to achieve the highest settlements for theor clients injuries. A personal injury settlement can be high for an automobile accidents, slips and falls, or truck accident. The extent of value set to a claim is equla to the defnedents carelessness, or recklessness and the extent of fault. Injury settlements are aimed to help with financial hardship caused by the injury, including medical bills and loss of earnings, but many times compensation includes the emotional stress felt by the victim or the victims family. Some cases can be very serious, such as a wrongful death. The more serious the higher the settlement.

In Florida, the average personal injury settlement is $1,819,751, according to Jury Verdict Research, a company that tracks jury verdicts. Personal injury plaintiffs win at trial in Florida injury cases about 61 percent of the time. This average is much higher than the national average because Florida has more large personal injury settlements than most other states. Because of this it is importnant to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side so that you can receive the maximum settlement. It can be very hard to understand all the details of a case, so it’s best to contact a personal injury attorney in your area thru our network.

Usually, in order to collect on a Florida personal injury claim, it is necessary to prove that the person who caused the injury was negligent. As part of your claim, under injury law you must also have suffered damages.Florida comparative negligence law states that the amount you can recover is reduced if you were careless, and your carelessness contributed to your injury. In other words how nuch was the injury your fault and how much did you contribute to it. Insurance companies will always try to prove you were a percentage at fault in the injury you incurred.

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